Mangrove Housing recognises that pets can play a vital role in peoples’ lives. Pets can provide love, companionship and security, and contribute greatly to health and wellbeing.

Where possible and appropriate, Mangrove Housing will attempt to be pet-friendly and allow pet ownership.  However under no circumstances can a pet be kept in a Mangrove Housing property without permission. 

Permission to have a pet must be given by Mangrove Housing and will be stipulated in the Tenancy Agreement (lease) or on a Pet Agreement Form.  It may be possible that permission for a pet can not be given, for example, if the property is not suitable.  Some properties are privately owned and in these instances, approval for a pet is solely up to the property owner/s.

Guidelines for pet ownership in a Mangrove Housing property include:
  • Tenants are responsible for the behaviour of their pet (or pets belonging to any household members) and must take all reasonable steps to prevent the pet/s being a nuisance to neighbours, including minimising noise and odours.
  • When a pet has been kept in a property, the tenant must get the property professionally treated for fleas, and the carpets cleaned and deodorised upon vacating.  Any damage caused by the pet also needs to be repaired.
  • An outside pet should be secured in a fenced yard at all times and not allowed outside off-leash where it could cause a nuisance to neighbours and members of the public.  If it is a condition of the tenancy that the pet is kept outside, the tenant must adhere to this.
  • All pets kept in Mangrove Housing properties should be micro-chipped, de-sexed and registered appropriately with local councils.
Failure to get permission for your pet or failure to meet the requirements outlined in your Pet Agreement or your lease could result in you receiving a Notice to Remedy Breach of your tenancy.  This could potentially place you in a position of having to re-home your pet or risk the loss of your tenancy.
If your pet is a companion animal, please be sure to discuss this with your Client Housing Worker.

The only pets that do not require approval are small aquarium fish or up to two small birds kept in a cage.

Contact your Client Housing Worker to discuss pet permissions and any pet matters.